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It’s no secret that knowledge of foreign languages opens wide opportunities for career growth, exciting travels all around the world, interesting leisure, creating a new circle of communication and self-improvement. English Club Linguistic Centre offers you to discover new languages or increase your level of proficiency in them. Studying in Ternopil is held in two offices with a convinient location, as well as online. We speak:
Англійська мова
Польська мова
Німецька мова

Choose an appropriate type of classes

Індивідуальні заняття

Personal classes

This speaking and grammar improvement program is especially useful when you need to prepare for an event in a limited period of time.

Our teachers will work with you personally and as efficiently as possible.

You can choose the topic and direction that interests you.

The schedule of classes is flexible and consists exclusively of your wishes.

At the end of the course you will get a certificate.

Class duration: from 60 min
Cost: 240-260 UAH/hour for adults
220 UAH for children up to 5th grade
230 UAH for 5-7 grades
240 UAH for 8-10 grades
Заняття в групах

Group classes

This is the best option in terms of quality-price-interest.

Groups are formed at different levels: from elementary to advanced (A1-C2). Each group is up to 6 students.

Classes are held 2 times a week.

Class duration: 1 hour 30 min.
Groups of 3 to 6 students, 1 hour 30 min. class: 1440 UAH for a subscription (8 classes)
Groups of 2 students, 1 hour 10 min. class: 1440 UAH for a subscription (8 classes)
Groups of 2 intermediate or advanced students, 1 hour 30 min. class: 1600 UAH for a subscription (8 classes)
Корпоративне навчання

Corporate studying

We offer different language training options for corporate clients.

We develop an individual studying plan for each client, taking into account the wishes of the selected direction and topics that correspond to the scope of the company.

Classes can be held at the client’s office or in our offices at a time convinient for you.

Cost: negotiable
Підготовка до ЗНО

Preparation for ZNO

Our ZNO preparation courses are designed to help high school students pass External Independent Testing in English.

In a short time we will prepare you for one of the most important exams for entering the university. Our professional teachers will help you to systematize the knowledge gained at school, expand them significantly, train you to take tests and prepare you psychologically.

ZNO classes are held individually or in a group of 3-4 students.

Individual class duration: 1 hour
Group class duration: 1.5 hours
Cost of individual class: 260 UAH
Cost of group class: 195 UAH
Онлайн навчання

Online studying

Study with comfort at any time and place. All you need for the lesson is the Internet.

Online classes are cheaper than offline.

Each lesson is an interactive work based on author’s methods, interesting tasks including texts, audios and videos.

There are individual and group classes.

Cost of individual class: 240-260 UAH/hour

Why should you choose us?

New methodology

We teach according to the new Berlitz method, which aims to improve speaking skills.

Affordable prices

The most affordable prices in Ternopil! From 1440 UAH/month. It means that one and a half hour lesson will cost you 180 UAH

Various types of classes

There are both individual or group classes of different levels. There are also online or offline classes.

Flexible interaction

Individual schedule of classes. We adapt to you and have special approach for each student.

Convenient location

There are two offices in Ternopil: in the city centre and in the region „Eastern” (Wellness Centre „Karuna”).

Individual studying program

It includes the subject and context that interest you. We take into account your learning style and individual characteristics. The teacher monitors your progress and pays extra attention to what is difficult for you.

More than 2500 students have already chosen our courses and trust us

Our experienced teachers fully immerse you in the language environment with special focus on overcoming the language barrier

We teach from an elementary level and at any age

Do you have any questions?

Many people want to start learning English, but they don’t know how, they are confused or pospone very often. English Club is always glad to help you, taking into account all your aims and tasks.

Postponed stuff will never be realised, so if you want to learn English — start right now and don’t put it on hold!

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Office in the city centre

Mykulynetska St., 3А, (10-story building near the roundabout) “Dobrobud”, office 513 (5th floor).

Office in the region "Eastern"

Stepan Bandera Ave. 50, Wellness Centre “Karuna”; 5th floor, office 4.